On players, coaches, referees, and the audience: a sports metaphor for rule-writing to address climate change.

Warning: this is a long post with many layers of metaphors. Michael Lewis’ podcast “Against the rules” inspired me to write this. He is one of my favorite storytellers who artfully weaves together tales highlighting the rigged system we live in and the changing landscape of fairness. He’s cut his teeth in the world of finance and sports and applies some of his observations from patterns in human behavior to other domains. In season one, he explores the death of the referee in American…

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I write this for my former self. Someone who upon learning about decarbonization innovations would have his brain screaming “Deploy! Deploy! Deploy! Scale! Scale! Scale!” It still sometimes does. But now I’m aware of this carbon exuberance. My shift into thinking more critically about the space pushes me to search for patterns from climate impact that include carbon, but extend far beyond it.

The other day I was reading a newsletter that quoted Dr. David Hawkins’ book The Hidden Power vs. Force: the Determinants of Human Behavior

To some who know me, it may come as a shock that I’m moving on from Nori, a start-up I co-founded, that is making it possible to get paid for pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere a.k.a. “carbon removal”. It’s not an easy decision. I’m immensely grateful to all of my team members and the learnings I’ve been afforded on this adventure. To all the people I’ve met over the course of this journey and who know me as a Nori representative, please do not interpret this move as having a lack of faith in Nori. I believe Nori’s…

Nori is in the business of incentivizing carbon removal. We do this by issuing sellable Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) to “Suppliers”, who are initially US food and fiber producers and have adopted new practices that remove carbon. In the past, we’ve written about how Nori generates a supply of NRTs. There’s a broad network of collaborators responsible for generating supply in addition to just the growers themselves.

We recently got into who some of these collaborators are, and how to participate in the program during a webinar with Continuum Ag’s Mitchell Hora and Will Glazik, both early participants in…

What I’m stewing on

Living in Tennessee for the month of February was transformative. I was in town for AgLaunch, a program to help start-ups who are bringing new technologies to row crop agriculture. I had some fun road trips, got to sit in on drums in a few blues jams, and realized how much I had to learn about agriculture. Here’s a tweetstorm with some photos, reflections, and musings from my month.

At one point in the program, I was having a discussion with someone who used to work at a large agricultural company where people ACTUALLY said: “we’re like a parasite that…

In the past, I’ve written about how Nori compares to other climate start-ups and blockchain plays, and how Nori compares to traditional carbon markets. This article is for anyone considering selling carbon removal services in the Nori market, and comparing it to other options.

What is an ecosystem service?

“Ecosystem service” is the term to describe the service that humans deliver when they protect natural and/or managed land and water systems to maximize the life-sustaining benefit we receive from those systems. In this context, “life” covers all living organisms — from microbes to plants, all animals including but not limited to humans. Life-sustaining benefits include…

The why, what, and how of a monthly newsletter from an entrepreneur on a mission to reverse climate change

This year, I’m restarting a newsletter.

In the summer of 2016, when I left a dream job as chief strategist at the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions at Arizona State University, I started a mailing list as part of my new company called Carbon A List. It was a way to put my stake in the ground as a climate entrepreneur. It was raw, personal, and full of insight on solutions that could capture, use, and store carbon. The goal of the mailing list was twofold: 1) to get more client work so that I could learn the ropes of…

This article is written for the layperson who is trying to understand soil organic carbon (SOC) quantification. It is long and gets into the weeds. Read it if you are someone who wants to dig into methods to quantify soil organic carbon and learn more about Nori’s approach to building a market that makes it possible to incentivize its accrual.

Maybe it’s just me — as someone who has gone down the soil carbon rabbit hole as a result of an obsession for developing and deploying practical tools to accelerate human action to remove Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere…

Last month, Nori graduated from the Techstars Sustainability Program. The program is a 14-week long intensive accelerator for start-ups working on “viable technologies that can rapidly scale to help sustainably provide food and water and address global issues like climate change.” It represents a partnership between The Nature Conservancy and Techstars. Each cohort is an elite group of 10 companies selected from almost 1,000 applications. The aim is to crunch a year’s worth of progress into a 3-month window. It culminates in a “demo day” where each company presents to a crowd of about 1,000 people.

Here’s a video of…

It’s been two years of a lot of hard work, but I’m proud to finally say that Nori has passed an important milestone. We've finally created a way that allows any individual or business to buy carbon removal. Now anyone in the world can pay to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Join our limited supply, limited demand sale. If that sounds like you, click here.

Team Nori and Mentors at the Techstars / Nature Conservancy office

Why should someone want to be an early adopter and participate now? Here are some reasons:

This gives you agency to take action today

This is something you can do now. This is a positive action you can take for the…

Christophe Jospe

Climate change entrepreneur and consultant. Recovering from carbon exuberance. I like to stir the pot.

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