Who are the Nori “data managers” and what do they do?

A webinar we hosted on 4.17.20 for interested Suppliers in the Nori Marketplace

Value-added agronomic services

The most typical data manager is an individual or entity that already provides agronomic services to farmers. In addition to playing the traditional project developer role and helping the supplier navigate the needs of the Nori program, they may possess the knowledge on how to construct farm plans and optimize soil health planning. They may even potentially know how to take advantage of additional value by stacking soil health benefits — whether that is through grant funding, cost savings from the adoption of conservation practices, or helping farmers finding new markets.

Farm Management Software Platforms

Farm Management Software (FMS) platforms offer a unique value add for data managers who can offer an easy way to enroll in the Nori program. We proved out our pilot by integrating with data exports from FMS platform Granular. When an FMS platform devotes additional human resources to enrolling suppliers into Nori, they become a data manager, but it’s worth noting that data managers not employed by Granular can still use Granular (or any other FMS platform we integrate with in the future) to enroll acres into Nori.

Value Added Program

Data managers working for value-added programs are able to align their own program with Nori’s. A value-added program is an opportunity that enables certifications or funding that align with agricultural carbon removal. As long as farmers in one program are not selling direct interest in the carbon removal anywhere else (double selling), we want to support the complementary efforts of these programs so that farmers drawing down carbon can be even more profitable. Currently, there are three such programs we are actively working with:

Selling a product

While we don’t ever endorse the products that some data managers sell, we do recognize that there are businesses that might be in an ideal position to enroll farmers into the Nori market, particularly when their product is known to incrementally remove carbon from the atmosphere. Locus Ag is one example of a data manager who has also launched its own “Carbon Now” program to make it possible for their clients to participate in Nori.



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Christophe Jospe

Christophe Jospe

Climate change entrepreneur and consultant. Recovering from carbon exuberance. I like to stir the pot.