Why the way we manage the carbon bio-flux matters

The way in which different carbon pools change over time matters

The type of biomass matters

  • Will invasive species change the carbon balance?
  • Will the biomass die because of drought?
  • How susceptible is the land to forest fire? insects?
  • Will the addition of trees cause more benefit or harm to the specific location?
  • Could this work with agroforestry?

Where to stop deforesting vs. reforesting matters

Additionality matters

Regeneration matters

  • Farming practices that require no fertilizer, store more water, and don’t require tilling in addition to removing massive amounts of carbon
  • Rotational grazing with cattle to eat grass at the apex — storing more water and improving carbon content
  • Agroforestry

Permanence matters

In conclusion…



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Christophe Jospe

Christophe Jospe


Climate change entrepreneur and consultant. Recovering from carbon exuberance. I like to stir the pot.